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How to get into research at UBC

April 2021 | 2 mins read

By Sarah Jiang
Fourth Year | Faculty of Science, Combined Major in Science
Getting involved in research can seem intimidating, especially if you don’t have any previous experience! Luckily, UBC has lots of research opportunities for undergrads, regardless of year level or previous experience.

How to get involved

Here are a few common ways that undergrads can get involved in research:

When you’re searching for research opportunities, it’s important to take the time to identify your interests and to explore the diverse research going on at UBC. Emailing multiple professors whose work seems interesting might get you a position, but you’ll find your experience is much more valuable if you’re studying something that fascinates or excites you.


Additionally, if you have a specific research interest in mind, look for it wherever you can! Your program of study shouldn’t limit your search for research opportunities. Many labs are interdisciplinary, and you can often find interesting research in related fields. Choose which labs you reach out to based on the research question they’re trying to answer.

Where to find research opportunities

Now that you’ve identified the fields you’re interested in, where do you look for research opportunities? Here are just a few of the many examples out there: