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Meet Hrishikesh Patel

Faculty of Science | BSc Combined Honours in Physics & Mathematics
Areas of Expertise
  • REX Program/First Year Opportunities
  • Literature Review
  • Experimental/Project Design
  • Co-Op, NSERC, Worklearn/Paid Experiences
  • Contacting Labs/PIs/Profs
  • Research Communication (Presentations/Posters)
  • Written Research Communication (Proposals/Manuscripts/Grants)
  • Data Presentation/Figure Design
  • Publication Process
Research Experience: 3 years



About Me

Hi! I am Hrishi and I am in my third year of CHN: Physics and Mathematics. I was very interested in research since my high school days. Back then I undertook a few independent research projects, and even wrote a book! I brought that enthusiasm with me when I came to UBC. 


I worked with a first year professor, completed a REX project with a Ph.D. student in the PHAS department, and also worked with a professor in the Chemistry department over the summer. Throughout the years, I have gained some valuable research experience and I am here to help students with these soft and technical aspects of ‘research’. Fun fact: I can speak the whole periodic table within 50 seconds. I also enjoy endurance sports like triathlons and  marathons.

How did I first get into research?

I initially got into research in my first year. I was very interested in physics, so I contacted my first year physics professor. He suggested that I read some advanced books in physics, and I attended all his office hours so that he could help me with the advanced material. A few months in, we struck upon an interesting idea and embarked on a research project in experimental gravity. It has been 2 years now, and we have written several papers on the subject (and are still writing a few more).