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I am a fourth year student majoring in Pharmacology with a minor in Behavioural Neuroscience and am currently completing my co-op year. I am a research assistant at Cannevert therapeutics, doing pharmacological research evaluating the therapeutic utility of medical cannabis, disease modelling in animals with emphasis on acute and chronic pain model. Currently, I am in the midst of designing and leading two clinical trials (investigating the effects of cannabis on cravings in patients with narcotic addictions, indications and contraindications of cannabis use in geriatric patients).

I am also in the process of publishing two manuscripts and will be traveling to London, UK in December to present research at the British Pharmacology Society Annual Conference. Lastly, I am a teaching assistant in the third year pharmacology lab.

Areas of Expertise:
•    Manuscript writing
•    Conference presentations
•    Co-op

I have just completed third year in the CAPS program (B.Sc), and am currently on co-op as a research assistant at the Vancouver Prostate Centre, studying the Notch signaling pathway in bladder cancer. My work in the lab covers everything from wet work at the bench (and a ton of cell culture!), to literature reviews, to making and giving presentations.

I got into research through the REX program in first year, where I conducted a study regarding the microbiome of infants, and its effect on their overall health. This project led me to realizing my interests in immunology and molecular biology techniques. I have since gone on to volunteer in a lab in the Ophthalmology department, working on a project regarding the potential diagnosis of Alzheimer’s from eye histology. Thus, my research experience is highly varied, both in terms of field and techniques!

Areas of Expertise:

•   Approaching PIs and faculty
•   Making presentations (posters and powerpoint)
•   REX program
•   Writing technical reports
•   Conducting literature reviews

I am a third year B.Sc. Student in Honours Behavioural Neuroscience. I first thought that I might want to do research in late high school since I love the process of discovering new knowledge and finding out the “why” and the “how” of things, and my experiences since then have confirmed that!

During my first year, I found URO’s REX program, and had an amazing experience working with my research group and a fantastic mentor. The project not only introduced me to the field of neuroscience, but helped me to get my first position as a research assistant in the Phillips/Seamans lab. The work on neurotransmitters there was interesting, but ultimately, I realized that pure neuroscience research wasn’t for me, so I switched my focus to developmental neuroscience.

I am currently doing my third year honours thesis at the UBC Infant Studies Centre, delving into my three favourite research topics: brains, babies, and language. The project I’ll be working on in particular focuses on the impact of bilingualism on executive functions in infants.

Areas of Expertise:

•   Oral and poster presentation skills
•   Approaching labs/professors
•   Time management
•   First year research opportunities
•   REX program questions/advice

I am fourth year Kinesiology and Health Sciences student with a strong grounding in exercise physiology research. I have worked in three labs, both at UBC and the University of Calgary. At these labs, my research focused on spinal cord injury and neuromuscular fatigue research.


Research was daunting and foreign to me when I first came to UBC. Enrolling in URO’s REX program kickstarted my experience. My mentor introduced me to research and to exercise physiology and continued to mentor me beyond the completion of our project. Through supportive mentorship, I developed my fundamental research skills and confidence to explore other fields of interest. My experiences with research have directly supplemented my learning, and continue to assist me in my professional endeavours.


No matter your area of interest or level of experience, I am excited to help support your research journey!


Areas of Expertise:

•   Approaching labs and professors

•   Creating oral and poster presentations

•   Presentation skills

•   Literature review

•   Creating a research plan and time management

I am a 3rd year Arts student majoring in Political Science with International Relations (Honours). I adore interdisciplinary conversations and am amazed by the wide spectrum of research in the Faculty of Arts, which I am still in the process of exploring the possibilities of research in the fields of humanities and social science. Arts research is fundamentally different than that in STEM fields and as an undergraduate, I am still in the process of exploring research in the field of humanities and social sciences. I am particularly interested in how political theories interact with reality and in modern Chinese history.

I have presented in the Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference (MURC) and have worked as a Research Assistant for for the BC Civic Election project at PlaceSpeak, a local public consultation platform.

Areas of Expertise:
•   Writing paper abstracts
•   Citations
•   Editing
•   Organising reading materials
•   Contacting professors
•   Research opportunities for first year students

I am in my 4th and final year of Honours Biochemistry, doing my thesis on a cancer-based cell signalling study. I have worked in four different labs both at the University of Alberta and at UBC in both Oncology and Biochemistry. My first lab was one I returned to often where I learned a lot of different techniques but more importantly, how to ask questions and think like a scientist. It helped me become more independent in my research and has led to me to where I am now, conducting my honours thesis from a project I created myself.

I started out presenting at science fairs in grade 11 and 12 at the regional and national science fairs. I eventually did more oral presentations at the U of A summer student oncology talks. Every summer since grade 11, I have spent doing research at the U of A. This summer marks my first summer staying to do research at UBC in preparation for my thesis!

Areas of Expertise:

•   Contacting labs and professors
•   Literature review
•   Experimental design
•   Time management
•   Creating a project
•   Oral and Poster presentations
•   Poster design

I am a 4th year Integrated Science student studying biomedical technologies. My integration includes genetics/genomics, molecular biology, cognitive science, and biomedical engineering courses!


I have experience in clinical research having completed a studentship with Sports Cardiology BC as well as research assisting with them. I am a multidisciplinary student with experience utilizing academic extracurriculars to supplement and even gain entry to unique courses. As a previous Senior Orientation Leader, I am extremely familiar with UBC’s available resources, as well as careers online and the UBC academic calendar.

Areas of Expertise:

•   Effectively communicating scientific concepts and/or research

•   Data Analysis and visual representation (graphs, diagrams, figures)

•   Basic, clinical, and industrial research experience

•   Approaching labs/professors

•   Time management

•   Preparing oral and poster presentations

•   Experimental design

•   Proposal/Manuscript writing


I am in my fourth year studying Microbiology and Immunology in the Faculty of Science. For the past year I have been working in an Immunology Research Lab at the BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute. Our lab works on a variety of the projects, from bacterial pathogenesis to efficacy of vaccines. I am mainly working on a project concerning the infection mechanism of a bacterium (Listeria monocytogenes) in newborn babies. Sometimes I also help out with mousework in the lab and the logistics of a cohort study we conduct in Gambia.

Some people ask me if sitting in the lab all day doing pipetting could be a “boring” work. I want to tell you that wet lab experiment is only one part of your research experience. It is definitely one of the most important components, but it does not represent the whole. During my time in the lab, I spent a lot of time communicating with other researchers and seeking opportunities for collaboration on a certain project. Occasionally there were also online meetings with researchers from other parts of the world. There are a ton of fun things going on!

Areas of Expertise:

•   Approaching professors and seeking lab positions
•   Designing the layout of a presentation on research project/work-in-progress report
•   Conducting cohort studies and collaborating with labs all around the globe!

     (Not the expert, but I have the story!)

I am in my 4th year of Pharmacology, B.Sc., and am currently working at Amgen BC as a co-op in their R&D Functional Screening Group. My work involves developing assays to functionally screen and characterize antibodies.

For the past 3+ years, I did clinical research in the Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences. My work involved frequent patient interaction, with children specifically, as the lab is situated in Children’s Hospital. Some of the topics I investigated at the lab include amblyopia, strabismus, reading ability, and contrast sensitivity.

Over the past few years, I have worked as a WorkLearn student and have also received 3 different research stipends/grants. I have attended 5+ research conferences and have given several oral and poster presentations. I also have a manuscript submitted for review and am currently in the midst of the publication process.

Areas of Expertise:

•   Conference presentations (oral & poster)
•   Applying to summer studentship awards
•   Comprehensive literature review
•   Manuscript writing/publishing
•   Experimental design
•   How to find/approach the research lab for you!
•   Co-op & research in industry

I am a fourth year Science student studying Microbiology and Immunology. I became acquainted with research during high school where I got involved with a lab focussing on cytokine signalling during infections. From shadowing graduate students to attending meetings, I learned just how much there is to learn in the field of science. Throughout the years, I have familiarized myself with the world of research and the opportunities within it.

I am currently working at a lab that focuses on bacterial pathogenesis and the growing antibiotic resistance problem. I have become involved with two projects in the past two years that look at Pseudomonas aeruginosa with the ultimate goal of developing therapeutic strategies for infections and inflammation.

I look forward to helping aspiring researchers to experience the plethora of opportunities available in the research world!

Areas of Expertise:

•   Reviewing and editing research papers
•   Writing literature reviews
•   Contacting labs and professors
•   Experimental design
•   Time management
•   Graphic design

I am a 3rd year Chemical and Biological Engineering student who is currently on co-op at STEMCELL Technologies in the Quality Control department. My career goal is to help the environment through the development of clean energy technologies, which is directly related to research. I got involved with research during my first year at the Biological Solutions Laboratory.

I worked in the same laboratory for the past two summers and was involved with different projects, ranging from arsenic removal from acid mine drainage to winery waste treatment with the use of Microbial Fuel Cells. My work as a research assistant involved reading academic journals, experiment design, wet labs, field visit and sampling. Although this laboratory falls under the department of Civil Engineering, my PI was a microbiologist. This experience opened my mind to the interdisciplinary nature of research and showed me how much different fields of knowledge can collaborate for a greater goal.

Areas of Expertise:
•   Interdisciplinary and engineering research
•   Time and resource management
•   Literature review
•   Approaching professors and faculty

I am in my third year in the Combined Major of Science program, combining Life Science, Earth Science and Chemistry. I am also completing a Minor in Kinesiology. I have worked with the Alberta Health Services Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Research department for the past two years, focusing on clinical trials involving physical activity and breast cancer outcomes/survivorship. I have had the unique opportunity to assist with a pilot study on this topic, which allowed me to be involved with exercise testing, data entry and cleaning, website development, manuscript writing and poster presentations.

I have had posters in 3 conferences and am currently working on a manuscript that will be submitted for publication later this year as well as a large systematic review-meta analysis.

Areas of Expertise:

•   Poster presentations and design
•   Literature review
•   Systematic review-meta analysis
•   Manuscript writing and editing
•   Contacting labs and professors
•   Study design and recruitment

I am a 4th year Science student studying Biology and Computer Science. Before entering university, I had no idea what doing research was and never dreamed about becoming a scientist one day. Now, I have done two research projects at BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute and presented at various conferences such as Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference (MURC) at UBC and National Collegiate Research Conference (NCRC) at Harvard. I have tried both wet lab research, utilizing various molecular biology techniques to study gene transcriptional regulation, and participated in dry lab work, analyzing large Single-Cell RNA sequencing datasets using R programming. I enjoy doing research because I am discovering something new that no one else in the world understands yet and also I can chase after my own curiosity, proposing possible hypotheses and testing them out myself.

Therefore, I wish I can help anyone who wants to do research but does not know where to start first, as well as anyone who has any question about finding research opportunities, applying to scholarships, creating posters or just want to chat about research.

Areas of Expertise:

•   Contacting professors/finding lab opportunities
•   Analyzing biological data with computer programming
•   Applying for scholarships
•   Preparing for poster presentations

I am a 4th year Applied Science student studying Electrical Engineering in the ece department. I am currently doing a project with Verify Labs, a BlockChain Startup, and am working towards enrolling in a  Research-Based Masters Degree (MASc) in electrical and computer engineering. I had no idea what research I wanted to initially – but somehow ended up fascinated by FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays ), Computer Architecture and their relationship with realizing AI in our near future. I spent a long time exploring (and trying to decide…) research fields within electrical and computer engineering and am excited to dive deep into such a interesting and promising field of study.

My work involves reading a lot of research papers, coding, simulating, testing and analysis of data. I also do have some experience working with engineering student design teams with UBC UAS (UAVs and drones) competing, building, and piloting for a few years and extending that experience to a few local UAV startups as a pilot and operator. Finally, I have been tutoring students for over 5 years and have a good amount of experience successfully engaging students, and teaching material ranging from early high school math and science to upper year electrical and computer engineering courses.

Areas of Expertise:

•   Contacting and communicating with labs and professors
•   Presentations (Oral and poster)
•   Data Analysis
•   Technical Report Writing
•   Effectively communicating scientific concepts and/or research
•   Teaching/explaining scientific and mathematical concepts and theory

I am a 5th year student majoring in Microbiology and Immunology. Through my years of figuring out what type of research I’m passionate about, I have jumped from industrial to clinical to basic to translation research labs. Currently, I am working at the BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute in the Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases. We are looking at biomarkers in blood that might be responsible for cancer in HIV and herpesvirus-8 co-infected individuals.

I have also previously conducted clinical research in the Departments of Dermatology, Psychiatry, and Pathology. I have presented my research findings via oral and poster presentations at 5 different departmental conferences. Recently, I wrote a review article on the transmission and pathogenesis of Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV).

Areas of Expertise:

•    Effectively communicating scientific research
•    Preparing oral and poster presentations
•    Contacting labs and professors
•    Applying for summer studentships and Co-op positions
•    Basic, translational, clinical, and industrial research experience
•    Manuscript writing
I’m a third year Integrated Sciences student studying Immunology and Physiology. My very first research experience was through the REX program in my first year, where my partner and I designed a hypothetical clinical trial to test the efficacy of a selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitor in patients with post-stroke depression. I also volunteered in the Pacific Parkinson’s Research Centre in first year, where I helped with patient recruitment and literature search for Parkinson’s Disease studies. In my second year, I became a volunteer Research Assistant in the Vancouver Virology Centre, where I led a public health study looking at patient perspective on barriers to Hepatitis C treatment. I also started volunteering at BC Children’s Research Institute, where I did basic science research on the role of gut microbiota in mouse models of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and I also completed an NSERC summer studentship and a directed studies in my third year within this lab. I’m looking forward to starting co-op in Fall of 2019 and gaining more clinical research experience!

Areas of expertise:
•    Contacting faculty
•    Poster presentations
•    REX Program
•    Literature review

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