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Ryan Hong

Meet Ryan Hong

Faculty of Science | BSc in Biology & Sociology
Areas of Expertise
  • Literature Review
  • Research Awards
  • Contacting Labs/PIs/Profs
  • Research Communication (Presentations/Posters)
  • Written Research Communication (Proposals/Manuscripts/Grants)
  • Data Analysis and Technical Research Skills
  • Publication Process
  • Design Teams
Research Experience: 5+ years


About Me

Hi! I’m Ryan and I’m a third year student double majoring in Biology and Sociology. My undergraduate research has been centered around doing functional variomics research on autism-associated genes. I am constantly amazed and inspired by the impact of state-of-the-art computational tools in addressing complex problems at the molecular level. I am especially interested in integrating approaches from interdisciplinary disciplines to address the complexity of disease mechanisms in a more holistic manner. 


In my spare time, you can find me coaching the AMS Swim Club at the aquatic centre, reading, and watching movies. I’m also looking forward to helping students find research positions this year so that they can make meaningful experiences!

How did I first get into research?

I initially got into research by talking to one of the supervisors that was judging a local high school neuroscience competition that I had taken part in. I’ve been working at the same lab ever since!