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Meet Sabthagi Satheeskumar

Faculty of Applied Science | Undergraduate student in Chemical and Biological Engineering
Areas of Expertise
  • Literature Review
  • Experimental/Project Design
  • Co-Op
  • WorkLearn Paid Experiences Contacting Labs/PIs/Profs
  • Time Management/Professional Skills
  • Research Communication (Presentations/Posters/PowerPoints)
  • Research Communication (Proposals/Manuscripts/Writing)
  • Data Analysis and Technical Research Skills
  • Design Teams
  • Navigating your Degree
  • Effective Studying
Research Experience: 2 years

Basic, Industry

Research Topics/Fields
Chemical and Biological Engineering


Hello, my name is Sabthagi Satheeskumar (she/her/hers). I am a fourth year chemical and biological engineering student here at UBC. Throughout the years, I have gained experience with both wet-lab and bioinformatics research, which allowed me to explore many diverse aspects of interdisciplinary research. My knowledge has not only expanded, but also it has given me hands-on experience in a variety of engineering and life science domains. Some of the different research positions I have held include working as an undergraduate laboratory assistant at the Chemical and Biological Engineering Undergraduate Teaching Laboratory. In addition, this summer, I got the opportunity to work as a Junior Researcher at AGEIAS Engineered Systems Ltd. This role has provided me with the ability to apply engineering principles to real-world projects, advancing the development of innovative technologies. My academic journey as an engineering student coupled with my various research experiences, has strengthened my interest and equipped me for future endeavors in this industry. Always happy to chat if you have any questions or are looking for some advice regarding research!